Administrative Staff
Name Designation Contact Email ID
Victorian Fernandes, B.Com Superintendent
Louis D’Souza, M.Com. F. D. A.
John Monteiro S. D. A.
Rufina D’Souza, M.Sc. (IT) S. D. A.
Joachim Menezes, B.Com. S. D. A.
Mariet Shirly D’Souza, M.Com S. D. A.
Arun Sebastian Rebello, B.A. S. D. A.
Leena Mendonca, B.A. Typist
Naveen D’Souza Technical Staff


Support Staff
       Name Designation Contact Email ID
Robert Monteiro Office
Richard Mascarenhas Office
Walter Lewis Zoology
Catherine Crasta Library
Elias D’Mello Office
Juliana Martis Chemistry
Gretta Zita D’Souza Comp. Sc.
Peter Clifford D’Souza Library
Anil Kumar Lasrado Botany
Wilson Castelino Physics
Stolin Gonsalves Chemistry
Maria Nisha D’Souza Office
Apoline D’Souza Office
Margaret D’Souza Office


Courses that we offer

St. Philomena College was founded by Msgr Antony Patrao who felt that a College in this part of the state would save the people of the inconvenience of moving to distant places for higher education. He set out to realize.